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My 2nd Chocolate Cake

My younger sister asked me to bake a cake for her teacher's birthday last week. Ako naman, was more than eager to help her out and teach her at the same time. She requested me to bake the same chocolate cake I made before with the chocolate frosting all over it and that. Here's what we got..

I was supposed to put the cake in a single pan and cut in half, but I thought of trying to use two 9" round pans instead so I'd just stack the cakes one over the other. It's quite uneven so I had to trim off some areas to even it out. Sorry I don't have any pictures of it coz I didn't know I will be needing it for my blogging.. Hehe. So anywayzz, since I'm still struggling to make pipable icings, my sis came up with a marshmallow idea! So here's the rest of our decorating escapades...

Playing focused on her work. She's the one doing the decorating stuff since she's gonna be the one to give it to her teacher anyway..hehe. She's my sister by the way.

Yeah I know, trying hard to look cute..

A closer look to our simple creation..

She's gonna put a heart on the top surface..
Hey! are your hands clean?! Haha!

The end product. Lovely.

A good cake deserves a good packaging =D

Ever wondered why most chocolate cake recipes require boiling water in it? I've learned that most chocolate cake recipes that use baking soda would call for boiling water; as baking soda activates when combined with boiling water, which would result for chocolate cakes to rise sooner. Hence, a soft cake texture.


Jackie Po said…
how much water did you put in the chocolate cake? thanks.
renee said…
hi! may I ask where you buy your packaging for cakes and other stuff?
BeRRy HaLLey said…
@renee: I bought mine from a packaging and bakery supply shop in our area. Just check the packaging supply stores in your place, I'm pretty sure you'll find what you need there.
Anonymous said…
how much boiling water did you use to dissolve the cocoa?
BeRRy HaLLey said…
@anonymous: 1 cup of boiling water

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